Sunday, August 29, 2010

Billboard Design: Part 1...

We will soon be doing a tutorial on billboard design which will feature work in Photoshop as well as bit in Illustrator. You will be okay if all you have is Photoshop though or any editing program that allows for some customization of the characters, such as kerning. One thing I like to do when I get a new project is study it a little and learn what it is all about. Here are some visual examples of some I have done over the years (can you Guess my favorite?)

Please Help Deanna Cremin! II BBmercedes2 billboard design 1
billboard design 2 billboard design 3 Week 89: Photoshop Contest
BBchanel BBmercedes1 $20,000.00 Reward! | Deanna Cremin, Please Help!

That last image is sort of started by adding in the logo. The Image is at a decent aspect ratio to begin with. That is always something to be certain of with billboards, as the come in many different shapes and sizes. But, for what we want, that will work fine and there will be more on the aspect ratio stuff in the tutorial later on. Here is another example of an image in decent aspect ratio...and the final edit it was cropped from...

pelicanBay2A | pelicanBay1

Remember too, that billboards and posters come in different shapes, which are their aspect ratios...
beforeDawn BBpelican sundance1

And you can refer back to Lesson 1 for the basics in layering... | Wizard of Awes! group lesson 1A:  the magic wand lesson 1A: the magic wand blondie2A lesson 1B: the magic wand lesson 1C: the magic wand lesson 1C: the magic wand blondie2B

Justice for Deanna Cremin
the UnSolved Murder of Deanna Cremin...
aired on Fox25 News
by, Investigator/Reporter Bob Ward...
Saturday, November 11, 2006 (5PM; 6PM; 10PM; 11PM) - Thank You!!

Deanna Cremin Murder | $20,000.00 Reward!

Deanna Cremin Memorial | Christmas Carol for Deanna Cremin...
Deanna Cremin Memorial Foundation | Recent Uploads

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Stairway to Heaven
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