Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Grain of Sand [edited with PicMonkey]...

There is a brand new photo editing service on line right now. It is PicMonkey, which is developed from the people that created Picnik…the very same wonderful people. The following images were all edited using PicMonkey, and primarily in the Tint Effect function, as pictured in the screen cap below….
PicMonkey | Tint Effect [feat. Advanced Blending]
Note the use of the spectrum, as well as the ability to change and alter the blending modes. That is very important too, as those work on a level of light. That is the color blends in using light sources. With some experimenting and brush work of the various tint effects, you will be able to create some remarkable images. Here are some variations of a couple of photos from the annual Sand Sculpting Festival at Revere Beach…..
monoMan2c monoMan3c4
…Remember too, this is a brand new interface in PicMonkey, and they are promising all kinds of new wonderful things. It is going to be really spectacular too, you can tell from all their enthusiasm. Each photo in this blog has an original image to compare, as well as detailed explanations of the effects used. They can easily be found through the pool at the PicMonkey group at flickr….
siloYellow1 [dithered] WomanTroyFire[ball]1 Spin in Time | naut1cYellowGreenSquare guitarDither2

mermaidZoom2d mermaidZoom1 mermaidZoom2c



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