Sunday, February 6, 2011

One Hit Wonder...

Moan of Lisa

We have all heard of them, the One Hit Wonders that are known throughout the music industry. With all the many contributing factors that goes into finding and nurturing new talent, it is not a surprise that some would flame out after one big hit. Its like playing the numbers, a certain percentage will not back up a phenomenal song. There are some who want to that on purpose.
 In 1984 Apple computer needed a new and creative way to launch there new product.... the Macintosh. This wasn't any old product either, it was truly a revolution in technology, science, and the Arts. Apple hired Ridley Scott to put it together, and they planned to advertise it only once.
 The SuperBowl was much younger then too, although the going rate for 1:00 minute spot was approaching seven figure range. It was an all or nothing approach that was unprecedented in the media world. Everyone else plays the ads until you are sick of them, but Apple said, "No, we will just do it once."
 The commercial itself was the talk of the day, the following Monday. It is truly a cinematic jewel in every way, and you never got to see it again. Apple of course had other supporting advertising in place, but the Flagship spot was limited to just one play.
 That instance alone changed television advertising as we know it, and began the annual tradition of super premiere ads for the game. Just take look at the enormous amount of pride that Steve Jobs exhibits in this video, the launching of his new baby.... Macintosh...

One of the prototype, then production pieces, that preceded Macintosh, was Lisa... and that one was named after his daughter. Click the Moan of Lisa image above for more information on the Lisa too.


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