Saturday, January 23, 2010

Window Pane • Reflections on glass...

window pain
Adding reflections is fairly straight forward, and can add a greater amount of interest to any image. One of the best tools for this is the Polygonal Lasso Tool. It will allow you to quickly and effectively select the panes. Always remember to save off your selection, so you can lad it back in whenever you want. Add the reflection imagery on different layers. Apply them As "Screen" blending mode and/or "Multiply" blending mode. Adjust your opacity and then load in the selection, select inverse, and then delete. If you need to add a touch of feather to the selection, you can do that as well. Just hit delete again after you apply the reflection and your image edge will be softer. You can keep hitting just the delete button and the edge will soften even more.

The above photographic work has the reflection of three images, all combined on separate layers. The imagery was arranged specifically to fit within and around the model. The branch is reaching out to her. Her beauty is as remarkable as the most magnificent scene from a window. The below photographic example also incorporates a specific scene in the reflection. Only one image was used, and was cut up in portions, so that each window had certain elements. The existing transluscency is still visible. This can help with making it look more realistic. If the available window imagery is too strong, just add a layer of white, or black, and use your selection to trap it out.
Broadway LA 2

If you are new to editing, this may help some:
Lesson 2B: the Polygonal Lasso Tool:
Lesson 2B: the Polygonal Lasso Tool Lesson 2B: the Polygonal Lasso Tool fenetres2 skyscraper2
Lesson 2B: the Polygonal Lasso Tool Lesson 2B: the Polygonal Lasso Tool Lesson 2B: the Polygonal Lasso Tool reflection2
Automatic Download of 5-Page tutorial in .PDF format:
Lesson 2B: the Polygonal Lasso Tool | PDF file •

An image like this could work well for reflection:

or the background from the Pelican Bay this...
BBpelican Donatella | Ana Hernandez Bridal Salon

Although I added the reflection as a storm window, it might work better as appearing on the smaller panes behind the plane I added.

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