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Function of Form • Patterns in Nature...

blue morpho butterfly (gwennie, gwen, gwen)

beech bee loved | Deanna Cremin Memorial Foundation Peacock (pavo cristatus)

Function of Form | Patterns in Nature
the Function of Form...Part Four: Patterns in Nature the Function of Form...Part Four: Patterns in Nature Function of Form | Patterns in Nature
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Functions of Form
Part Four: Patterns in Nature | PDF file •

Believe it or not, it will not be too long before spring arrives and more of nature's bouquet will be born again. Winter can still offer some spectacular images of nature and patterns around you. Sometimes they are just a little harder to find.

Plan for some upcoming shots this spring. Have a day here or there that you can go explore, maybe for a couple hours. Choose a spot that you know of that will provide you with many opportunities to capture some of the beauty nature beholds. Good Luck :)

The Deanna Cremin Memorial Foundation has plenty of materials for helping to get you started. The above section is from our Food for Thought portion of the text materials. Be sure to check this out for more portions of the material...
Food for Thought | gwennie2006

...and this will bring up more nature imagery...
Nature | some photographic work from the
Deanna Cremin Memorial Foundation for Creative Learning.

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DandiLion Project amadeus Viceroy Butterfly

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