Sunday, October 10, 2010

the Butterfly & Pueblo...

Woman of Troy Mums the word :) StarStreak1

Every year the National Sandsculpting Festival and Competition is held at Revere Beach, which is just north of Boston. The artists that create these magnicent sculptures are also the ones who do some the ice pieces for First Night in Boston. They begin a few days before the show starts and to see them evolve from a block form is really amazing. The details and varying textures that they create are breathtaking. Many of the pieces are quite large and are completed all the around the sculpture.
 We will be doing much more with these throughout the year. There are many links through out all of the sand castle pieces to find more. You can editi any of the ones from the CastleSun2 collection......

These are some pre-made selection masks...
IMG_3298 Woman of Troy [selection mask] hatTip2Mask StarStreak [selection mask] Reaching for the stars...

I made my selection with the Pen Tool, but you could use the Selection Mask above instead. I recreated the gradation for the sky and added some contrast to the sculpture. The I relit the isolated subject on a seperate layer....
 I applied the layer with the lighting effects as hard light with some opacity adjustment as you can see in the screen cap above. You can click any of those images and it will take you to the photo at flickr where you will find information specific to that editing.
Navajo Kids 2 ii'mEvil2b cedarWaxwings2

Pavillion One

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